Want to buy a franchise?
For some buyers, the prospect of buying an independently-owned business is too daunting. They like the concept of having a regional or national brand with marketing support. For those buyers, we offer several franchise opportunities.

Do you fit the following pattern of the typical franchise buyer?

            • You are between the ages of 35 and 55
            • You have a management background
            • Your income averages $60K to $150K
            • Your net worth is $250K to $600K
            • You have an IRA/401K retirement plan
            • You’ve never owned a business
            • You want to build a business that will allow you to retire
            • You’re looking for on-going marketing, training and support

Incidentally, men are most typically franchise buyers, followed by couples, then women.

If you are interested in a franchise opportunity in Florida, contact me for additional information.

Help is available via phone or email: (904) 823-7225 | jonhhunt@bellsouth.net
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Photo Credit and thanks to the St. Johns County Convention and Visitors Bureau